Weddings and Baby Showers


Cacin Hall is an ideal location for your special day. An elegant indoor ceremony in the beautiful Starlight Terrace Ballroom, you will find the perfect place to exchange your vows. We have many amenities including two 60 inch LCD televisions that you can showcase your family memories. 

Baby Showers

Celebrate the arrival of your newest addition(s) at the affordable and elegant Cacin Hall. We offer a white leather baby shower couch and DJ equipment. 


Dias Table & Baby Shower Couches

We only host one party at a time which allows your event to be our focus. Indulge in all our amenities and share an intimate setting with loved ones.



Cacin Hall has partnered with the best local vendors to give you affordable options. Select any theme you like because our hall is fully customized to your style. 




The most memorable part of the reception is the entertainment. Your first dance is traditionally part of your momentous day. Contact our local entertainment Vendors for more details.

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